Language Structure Problems

photograph of yellow kittenTranscribing and Phonological Processes

A Story about a Yellow Cat

For this assignment, you will transcribe each line of the story below twice. The first time, transcribe it in citation form: as you might say it carefully and slowly with no phonological processes used. Then, click on the 'listen' link and hear how it was actually said. Transcribe what you hear there and indicate what phonological processes were at play which changed your first transcription into your second. Note any other differences you find between text and speech.

1. I told you the kitten was sold in Amsterdam.
Listen to line #1

2. It was yellow and kind of skinny,
Listen to line #2

3. And I asked you to buy it "Because," I said, "I want to have a pet."
Listen to line #3

4. I said, "Please show some compassion,
Listen to line #4

5. And you said: "I don't want a sick cat;
Listen to line #5

6. I don't know why you want it.
Listen to line #6

7. The stupid thing will just die on us,"
Listen to line #7

8. And I said: "Man, you're one cold dude!"
Listen to line #8

9. And I bought it anyway with my own money no thanks to you.
Listen to line #9

10. And it lived for fifteen years after that and it never did learn to like you.
Listen to line #10
(Voice and Art Credit: CWJ!)